WP1: Project Management

  • D1.3: Annual Public Report

WP2: Grapevine-powered Industries Big Data Challenges

WP3: Data & Semantics Layer

  • D3.3: Distributed Indexing Components
  • D3.4: Linguistic Pipelines for Semantic Enrichment
  • D3.1: Data Modelling and Linking Components
  • D3.2: Data Ingestion and Integration Components

WP4: Analytics & Processing Layer

  • D4.1: Analytics & Processing Layer
  • D4.2: Methods and Tools for Distributed Inference
  • D4.3: Methods and Tools for Predictive Analytics over Extremely Large Datasets
  • D4.4: Resource Optimization Methods and Algorithms

WP5: Leveraging Data Value

  • D5.1: Interactive Visualization Components
  • D5.2: Uncertainty-aware Visual Analytics Components
  • D5.3: Trust-aware Decision Support Systems

WP6: Integration & Deployment

  • D6.1: Integrated Software Stack and APIs

WP7: Cross-sector Rigorous Experimental Testing

  • D7.1: Scalability and Robustness Experimental Methodology
  • D7.2: Experimental Report on Current Datasets
  • D7.3: Experimental Report on Projected Datasets

WP8: Grapevine-powered Industry Application Pilots

  • D8.2: Experimental Protocols and Evaluation Methodology
  • D8.3: Integration and Operation with real-life Software Systems
  • D8.4: Integration and Operation with real-life Practices
  • D8.5: Evaluation Report and KPI Assessment

WP9: Dissemination & Exploitation