A series of videos explaining food safety predictions for Busy People - Intro

We have been told that predictive analytics are cool. The truth is, they are. They are also a hot topic in the food sector, especially in terms of food safety challenges. These challenges need to be addressed to generate reliable predictions and many different choices need to be made regarding data, algorithms, metrics, etc.

BigDataGrapes through a short video series is aiming to end this struggle and to fulfill its primary aim: to help European companies in the vine, wine, and natural cosmetics sectors to use, exploit and benefit from big data tools, by supporting business decisions, while providing decision-making processes and support, resulting from the real-time and transversal analysis of relevant and heterogeneous data sources.

Giannis Stoitsis, CTO and partner at Agroknow (Coodinator partner of the BigDataGrapes project), is going to address the critical questions on how food safety predictive analytics should work to ensure that they deliver reliable predictions to support business-critical decisions.

Every video is focusing on each one of the following challenges: How to choose the right problem when talking about predictions? Which data subsets should be used for the specific problem? How the appropriate algorithm can be found and parameterized? How it can be measured if a prediction algorithm is working properly? Which questions need to be answered, when assessing operations? Finally, two case studies will be presented, regarding the chocolate and the dairy industry.

The discussion about the applications that artificial intelligence could have in the food industry is never-ending. Not only companies, but also governments and regulators have started paying closer attention as well. AI and machine learning tools are expected to enable the mining of a large volume of heterogeneous data and therefore, help to anticipate and mitigate foodborne risks.

Predictive analytics sound cool yet complicated. Our video series will provide all the necessary explanations for this new and exciting technology. Stay tuned for our next video!

These short video series are a part of the BigDataGrapes project. The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 780751.